August 30, 2014

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Career Clinics: Should You Attend? If X Ray Tech Doesn’t Work

Do you need a career change or feel you've been overlooked for a promotion? We spend a large part of each day working, so making sure you are happy and feeling valued is vital to enjoying your working career. Whether you work in finance or customer services, every employee needs to be motivated! Seek for Expert Advice Image from Flickr Whether you are fed up of the office politics, simply fancy a change or think it's time you get to use more of your knowledge and experience in a higher … [Read More...]

Part Time Healthcare Jobs Provide Ideal Opportunities for Young Married Couples

Certain sectors within the Healthcare area are still doing quite well from a jobs growth perspective despite the long recession which started in winter 2007. According to many economists and business leaders, the recession might even turn into depression as Federal Reserve continues to funnel Trillions in liquidity across the world to prop up the real-estate, bond and stock bubbles. For newly married or young couples this is bad news since they may be have to delay their baby hopes until … [Read More...]

X Ray Techs Side of Charitable Giving

It’s universally known that giving to charity supports causes of great importance while providing a greater sense of wellbeing and personal satisfaction for the benefactor. But did you know it can also be fashionable? We don’t mean fashionable in the figurative sense of wearing your charitable accomplishments on your sleeve like a badge of honor. We’re talking about your actual sleeve. Charitable giving has evolved over recent years to change with the times and appeal to the broadest … [Read More...]

Continuing Education is critical for X-Ray Technicians

Just like the body needs exercise and proper diet to remain healthy, the mind needs constant stimulation in order to stay engaged and “firing on all cylinders,” as the saying goes. Medical professionals, including X-Ray technicians, should always pursue opportunities to increase range of knowledge concerning their respective fields. Strengthening your academic foundation will serve to provide advancement and salary opportunities in addition to keeping you on top of new developments in the … [Read More...]

X-Ray Technician Among Highest Growth Careers

Being an X-Ray Technician is a good, stable job with a better than average salary that also happens to be one of the fastest growing career fields available. If that weren’t enough, the trend is expected to continue unabated for the foreseeable future. The ranks of U.S.-based X-Ray Technicians grew, in 2008, to about 215,000, but by 2018 that figure is expected to further swell to 252,000. That’s about 17 percent growth over a decade. Pretty amazing in comparison to the static at-best … [Read More...]

Is the License Worth it?

Licensing to become an x-ray technician is a long and arduous process. Because of the critical nature of the work operating x-ray machines that emit radiation, testing and re-certification are required components entering and maintaining a career as an x-ray technician. Each state has its own certification requirements, but they all require successful completion of an academic program – either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. Accredited academic programs are offered through a … [Read More...]


X Ray Technician

An x-ray technician is an individual who has undergone specialized training so that he can take x-ray images of the body in a medical setting. X-rays are commonly used to take make images of the body's internal organs, especially the bones. Doctors and radiologists then take these images to make medical diagnoses and determine treatment plans. X-Ray Technician Job Duties A day in the life of an x-ray technician can be rather unpredictable. X-ray technicians work in a wide variety of health … [Read More...]


How to Choose an X-Ray Technician School

So you're considering a career as an x-ray technician. Great! The first thing you're going to need to do is choose an educational program. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, so you're going to have to weigh the pros and cons of a series of factors to determine which program and type of learning institution is right for you. How much time do you have? The first thing you'll need to do is determine how much time you can dedicate towards training. If you need to find work … [Read More...]

X Ray Tech Training

X Ray Technician Training

The first thing you must do before becoming an x-ray technician is attend a training program. It sounds silly, but there are very few people who can walk into a medical setting, obtain hands-on training, and go find a job elsewhere. Federal law mandates that all x-ray techs have training because of their exposure to hazardous materials. It is up to each state to determine the rules for how that training is implemented and monitored. Find Your State's Requirements We can't possibly outline … [Read More...]

x ray tech degree

X Ray Tech Degree

The Benefits of an X-Ray Tech Degree Now that you've decided to become an x-ray technician, you'll need to determine the type of program you want to attend. Your two main choices are certificate programs and degree programs. While certificate programs are just as legitimate and can get you working faster, there are a number of reasons to consider investing the extra time and money into a 2 or 4 year degree program. Higher Earning Potential The average starting salary for an x-ray … [Read More...]

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